Book your Private Taxi in Tulum

Here is a list of advantages of hiring a safe taxi in Tulum:


Privatete Taxi service Tulum

Safety: A safe taxi ensures your security during your journey, giving you peace of mind.

Professional Drivers: You’ll have the assurance of experienced and licensed drivers who know the local area well.

Reliability: Safe taxis are punctual and dependable, reducing the risk of delays or cancellations.

Clean and Well-Maintained Vehicles: Safe taxi companies maintain their vehicles in excellent condition, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic ride.

Insurance Coverage: In the event of an accident, a safe taxi typically provides insurance coverage for passengers.

No Hidden Costs: Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or scams, ensuring you’re charged a fair rate.

Private Transport Tulum
Private Transport Tulum

24/7 Availability: Safe taxi services are usually available around the clock, accommodating your transportation needs at any time.

Local Knowledge: Drivers often have extensive knowledge of Tulum’s streets, landmarks, and shortcuts, making your journey efficient.

Language Skills: Many safe taxi drivers can communicate in English, making it easier for international travelers.

GPS Navigation: Safe taxis often use GPS systems to ensure accurate routes and avoid getting lost.

Customer Support: Reputable taxi services offer customer support to address any concerns or issues you may have during your ride.

Safe Payment Methods: Secure payment options such as credit card payments are usually available, reducing the need for carrying cash.

Door-to-Door Service: Safe taxis pick you up and drop you off at your desired location, providing convenience and comfort.

taxi tulum private van

Local Recommendations: Drivers can offer recommendations for local restaurants, attractions, and activities, enhancing your overall experience in Tulum.

Peace of Mind: Knowing you’re traveling with a safe taxi service means you can relax and enjoy your journey without worrying about your safety.

Environmental Considerations: Some safe taxi companies have eco-friendly vehicles, contributing to a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Flexibility: Safe taxis can accommodate different group sizes and luggage requirements, making them versatile for various travel needs.

Pre-Bookings: You can often pre-book a safe taxi, ensuring you have transportation ready when you need it.

Taxi in Tulum

Transportation in Tulum
Transportation in Tulum

Private Transport to:

Tulum to Muyil, Tulum, Coba, Chichen, Ekbalam

Parks xelha, xcaret, xplor

Cenotes dos ojos, casa Tortuga, corazon kanlum and more

Holbox ferry port

Isla mujeres ferry port

Explore tulum town, Playa del Carmen and Cancun

Private tours excursions

Hotel to Hotel change

Private tours

Airport Rountrip Cancun or Tulum

Dinners, Beach Clubs, Restaurants


Airport Tulum y Cancun Transport

Private tours excursions

Quote easy

Book in advance ideal for groups, friends or familys safe & comfortness.


How you can hire your private transport

Write us by whatsapp or email to request your quote.
Reservations can be made by WhatsApp and email. We schedule the transportation on our calendar.

Once your service is confirmed with us, It is completely guaranteed.
To make a service order we need some data

With this information you will allow us access to your hotel

  • NAME
  • LOCATION (Aibnb, Hotel) Better if you have gps location send us by whatsapp

If you have a lobby or room number provide Important: normally the security guards ask us for the information to allow access to your transport

  • PAY OF THE SERVICE (Deposit to book your date)

In case of cancellation by the customer No refund is applicable

*Request your payment link for your advance payment and validate.

Is safe transport?

Yes we are legal, certified and trustworthy hire tourism and transportation services through qualified providers. vehicles only through certified agencies and protect yourself with insurance. Obey all warnings and signs on beaches, cenotes and public places. Follow the rules and accesses designed for the preservation and conservation of cultural and natural heritage.

for your safety, you need to know who is taking care of your transport service in case of an unforeseen problem. If you hire a public transport service, you will never know the real name of the driver and if the contracted service is provided by a legal company or one of those commonly called pirates.

Once your service is confirmed with us, It is completely guaranteed.
To make a service order we need some data

What happens after my reservation?

Once your deposit is confirmed and received. We add you to the calendar. and is programmed with date and time. We will contact you a day before if it is an early reservation to confirm details and stay in touch.

contact forms are whatsapp phone or email

you have working hours?

We have an established schedule Mexico time to receive reservations. But if your service is already scheduled or you request a dinner, wedding or other service that is at very late hours, for example, the Rountrips have no problem doing so, we work and do those services day and night.

Working ours for booking transport or tours
Monday – Sunday: 7:00am – 10:00pm
365 days a year
Phone +52 984 318 4654

night services such as dinners, weddings, events, until very late, advance reservation

Recomentations for tours services


Comfortable shoes

light clothes and sunglasses

Wearing a hat, cap and a swimsuit is a great idea.

Use biodegradable sunscreen since regular sunscreens

Bring a towel.

If you have any health condition that we should be aware of, please mention it during the booking process so we can advise you with related info on the tour and the existing physical condition

What can I bring?

Your own drinks

camera photography (in some places you must pay extra to allow you access)



personal items as few as possible recommendable

bring cash if you want to buy something or buy tickets many places 90% are paid in cash only some places accept card payments with an additional charge for the use of the service

What is not included?

Food is not included in the tours.

Tips are not included

if it is not an all-inclusive tour that you have booked. The customer will pay for the tickets directly at each place visited.

Do you have cancellation policies?

What kind of car?

Transportation is assigned on the day of service, you are informed beforehand of the driver’s description and information. It will depend on the logistics of the day. Don’t worry, your transportation will be on time. We will be in contact before the pickup time.

Useful numbers tulum

  • Costamed Hospital: 984 124 0830
  • Tulum Hospital: 984 876 2132
  • Red Cross: 984 802 5521
  • Fireman: 984 871 3732
  • Migration’s national: 998 881 3560
  • American consulate: 998 883 0272

Access to places

Highly bring cash to pay for tickets because not all places accept card payments. Some have it but the Wi-Fi can fail so it is not very reliable just having that payment method.

You can request an ATM if you think necessary. before going to the cenotes, archaeological zones, or steed food places

Airport Arrivals Cancun or Tulum

highly recommended early reservation Airport Transportation: If your group arrives at different terminals, everyone must meet at the terminal where the last flight arrives.If your group arrives at different times, the service will be based on the last flight and at the terminal of the last flight. If, for any reason, someone in the group requires separate transportation at different times, it will be considered as a separate service and charged additionally.

we need the number of fly to monitor arrival

Airport transport is only book in advance?

Yes beacuse we need arrage the transport preferably one day or many days in advance to ensure the service and have availability